County Commission

Notice: Effective

March 14, 2022

Mora County Courthouse Hours will be

7:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday – Thursday

Notice: (see amended OMA below) Regular Mora County Commission Meeting Dates have been changed to the Third Thursday of the Month. Meetings are held in Commission Chambers located in the Administration Building (former Assessors office) at 9 a.m.

Please Note: Contact the County Clerks Office (575-387-2448) for archived Minutes/Resolutions/Ordinances or drafts of recent Minutes not yet approved by the County Commission.

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2021 Meeting Minutes Archive

2021 Resolutions Archive

2021 Archive

2022-001 Opioid Settlement

2022-003 Local DWI Program

2022-002 Open Meetings Act

2022-004 Line Item Transfers

2022-005 Budget Adjustment

2022-006 Planning and Travel Per Diem

2022-007 Government Planning Grant

2022-008 Winter Declaration

2021-056: Tax Results Certified

2021-057: Line Item Transfer

2021-058: Budget Adjustment

2021-059: Road Plan continued

2021-060: Participation in Government Road Plan

2021-061: Budget Adjustment

2021-055: Capitol Improvement Plan

2021-062: Line Item Transfer

2021-063: Budget Adjustment

2021-064: Changes to Retirement Plan

2021-034: Polling Places

2021-054: Adopt Procedures on Personnel

2021-053: Adopt Policy on Personnel

2021-052: NMDOT Continued

2021-051: NMDOT COOP Agreement

2021-050: NMDOT Partnership

2021-049: Budget Adjustment

2021-048: Budget Adjustment

2021-047: Budget Adjustment

2021-046: Budget Adjustment

2021-045: Budget Adjustment

2021-044: Line Item Transfer

2021:-043: Final Quarter Report

2021-042: Fiscal Year Budget Approval

2021-037: Transportation COOP Agreement

2021-036: Declaration of Emergency

2021-035: Specific Grant Applications

2021-032: Participate in Government Hardship Waiver

2021-031: Participate in Government Hardship Program

2021-030: Budget Adjustment

2021-029: Line Item Transfer

2021-028: Participate in Government Road Bond

2021-025: Resolution of Transportation Bond Continued

2021-024: Resolution of TransportationBond

2021-023: Approval of Transportation Bond

2021-022: Transportation Budget

2021-020: Budget Adjustment

2021-019: Line Item Transfer

2021-018: Approval of Audit

2021-017: Disposal of Property

2021-016: Financial Assistant Resolution

2021-015: Budget Adjustment

2021-014: Line Item Transfer

2021-013: Comp Time Abuse

2021-012: County Certified Road Miles

2021-011: Budget Adjustment

2021-010: Line Item Transfer

2021-009: Budget Adjustment

2021-008: Line Item Transfers

2021-007: Resolution Supporting Senate Bill 174

2021-006: Resolution Memorial

2021-005: Resolution Drug Abuse

2021-004: House Bill 4

2021-003: Budget Line Item Requests

2021-002: Line Item Transfers

2021-001:Line Item Transfers

2021-027: Project Match Commitment to Kruse Road

2021-026: Project Match Commitment to Canada Ancha Road

2021-025: Project Match Commitment to Buena Vista Road

2021-024: Project Match Commitment to Monte Aplanado Road

2021-023: Project Match Commitment to Alto Road

2021-022: Project Match Commitment for Tramperos Road

2021-018: Acceptance and Approval of Financial Audit

2021-017: Disposition of Surplus Property

2021-016: Authorizing Financial Assistance State of New Mexico

2021-001: Open Meetings Act

2021-013: Comp Time Abuse Leave Policy

2021-007: Supporting Senate Bill 174

2021-012: Mora County Certified Road Maps

Mora County Committee Meeting Notice/Agendas