Motor Vehicle Department

Our Responsibilities

The duties of the Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) are to license commercial and non-commercial drivers; register, title, and license commercial and non-commercial vehicles and boats; license auto dealers and title service companies and contract with private partners to provide selected MVD services

A $10.00 fee for NON-COUNTY RESIDENTS is required for License Renewal, Registration, Title Transfers, VIN Inspections

A $3.00 fee will be applied to all transactions, must be paid for with CASH

Please call the office for more information.

Our Forms

Mora MVD Office will be closed 12/04/2023 through 12/08/2023 will resume regular business hours on 12/11/2023.

MVD Team

DWI – 575-387-5926

Vacant, MVD Manager

MVD Manager                    

 PO Box 267

Mora, NM 87732

575-387-5705 Ext. 1018

575-387-5790 (fax)


Vacant, MVD Clerk

MVD Clerk

PO Box 267

Mora, NM 87732

575-387-5705 Ext. 1019

575-387-5790 (Fax)

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:00 PM

Physical Address: 1 Courthouse Drive, Mora New Mexico 87732

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 267 Mora, New Mexico 87732