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March 15, 2021 Courthouse Hours will be

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Mora County’s Response to COVID-19

At this time, the number of individuals testing positive for COVID-19 is growing, throughout New Mexico. We’re all aware that this virus, if contracted, will be difficult for those with a compromised immune system to fight. We also know that any virus is contagious, and it is our goal to keep citizens safe and healthy, and as unexposed as possible. We also want to minimize mass hysteria and panic, so we’re advising everyone to stay calm and take necessary precautions to protect yourself and your families.

Mora County Sheriff’s Department, Mora County Fire Departments and Mora County EMS don’t have the resources available to engage in issues that aren’t an imminent threat to public health & safety. Therefore, we are encouraging all residents to follow simple guidelines.

1. If you or your family members are sick, stay home;
2. Wash your hands with soap and water, thoroughly and regularly, cough or sneeze into your sleeve and avoid contact with people who are coughing or sneezing;
3. If you don’t absolutely have to be around others, in a public setting, stay home!

If any of the following are true, call the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH) at 505-827-0006:

* You or your family member have fever, cough or shortness of breath, and in the last 14 days before your symptoms started, you visited China, Iran, Italy, South Korea or were in contact with a person known to have COVID-19; or
* You or your family members do not have fever, cough or shortness of breath, but you did travel to China, Iran, Italy or South Korea, in the last 14 days, or were in contact with a person known to have COVID-19.

Mora County plans to declare a State of Emergency to assist with recouping costs associated with the upcoming emergency. We will request assistance from outside agencies, as necessary and we will deal with this growing emergency as it evolves. If a family has an imminent need for services, such as basic groceries or medications, please get in contact with us and we’ll elicit assistance from organizations who can best provide these services.

The Mora County offices will remain open and operational. I have been notified that the senior centers will be closed to congregate gatherings beginning Monday, March 16, 2020, until otherwise informed. Meals for seniors will still be available, but seniors will be required to drive to the center, pick up their meal at the door and take it home to eat.
We will do our best to keep our residents informed as this emergency evolves.

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Board of County Commission

Veronica M. Serna, Commission Chair
District 1

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Johnny H. Trujillo, Vice-Chair
District 3

Commission Vice-Chair

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L. Frank Maestas, Member
District 2

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