County Assessor


Mission Statement: We Strive to be Equitable with Assessments of all Properties

  • Locate all taxable property in the county

  • Identify ownership

  • Establish a value for all property subject to property taxation

  • List value of all property on the assessment roll

  • Apply Legal exemptions


   Paul M. Duran

           Mora County Assessor

             PO Box 609 Mora, NM 87732


             575-387-9040 (fax)



  Rosalee Trujillo 

          Chief Deputy Assessor






Jessica Martinez

          Deputy Assessor/Clerk


             575-387-9040 (fax)



Suzanne Devos-Cole 

          Deputy Assessor


             575-387-9040 (fax)



Most commonly used decuments available for download - Please feel free to contact our office with any questions, comments or concerns.   Please see "Library-Forms"